Time for change…

I have been overweight for going on 20 years now.  So  even though I have attempted to drop my weight I haven’t found that inspired click that happens in my head when I make up my mind to do something.

So yesterday I called my daughter to talk one on one honestly.  Gloria is a Staff Sgt in the Marine Corps, so she has learned a lot about discipline and making attainable goals. We talked honestly to each other for about an hour and she made some really good points about choices we all make.  The biggest thing I took away from our conversation was about ‘Owning It’…. as she put it.  😉   For some reason that statement hit home.  It didn’t come with any guilt or low opinions,  it told me that I had to accept the choices that had gotten me here.  That’s it… no magic bean.. no fairytales just bold honesty.  So I did.

You must own your life before you can change it.  We talked about making small attainable goals that would be an acceptable change in my current life patterns and how just meeting them could be a good influence in every part of my life down the road.  So yesterday I ignored any excuse that wormed its way into my head and started walking around the block once a day or night.  It may not sound like much to you but just getting past my own mental obstacles is a big step for me.

So I thought I would share my progress on my blog and encourage anyone else who may be struggling too… I would be happy to chat!  Well…. you all have a good day and we will take it slow and steady and talk again later on.


Be safe


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Jan 16, 2017 – Game Night! :-)

I’ve got 50’s, 60’s and 70’s Rock n Roll music on the radio/itunes, chips with dip on the table, and now just waiting for the gang to come over!

Tonight is game night here at my home.  My friends and I started playing on Monday nights, to bring us all a night for laughter and time away from the electronic distractions of our modern world.  Tonight we are going to try Tripoly and Cards against humanity.

tripoly  cahyahtzee-2  Last week it was Yahtzee!!!  Boy, Hooting and Hollering at the dice was so much fun!  Especially when we got a yahtzee!  I’m pretty sure the rest of the people in my building heard just how much fun we had too!  LOL

No cell phones are allowed while playing so we are present in the moment.  It really is important for humans to play together and sometimes the good old fashion games are more fun that the new electronic ones I think!  We take turns bringing munchies/dinner then the burden isn’t left to just one person to bare.  We could just go to each others home but I suggested meeting at my place so to get the others OUT of their homes!  🙂  I don’t mind the company.

So, I thought I’d share a quick moment with you and maybe encourage you to follow suit and share some of your fun times with friends too!

I’ll catch you all later!  🙂


I M Uneek… the Run-a-muck Muse!

Run…Be FREE!  Have some fun!!!  xox



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Jan 5, 2017–Uneek Earrings ;-)

Hi there!

I was awake most of the night last night watching YouTube videos on jewelry making, so I thought I’d share a couple of the ones that fed my muse the most.


This first video is on these really cool Chand Bali Earrings…. where the base is made from PAPER!  That’s right, paper!  I got really excited about this one!   Lord knows I have TONS of paper from magazines to junk mail.  The second video has the artist using macrame knotting to attach the beading.

It’s exciting to be inspired by others sharing their talents on YouTube. It inspires me to try some of these new mediums (paper) that produces such a pretty piece of jewelry.

So, I will be trying these this month along with the Bollywood Style Earrings.  I just LOVE the Bollywood style.  To me it’s a more BOHO/retro style, like what I use to wear in High School.  Yes,  I was a Hippie!  😉   I love the way she incorporated macrame into the earring design.    Both videos are worth taking the time to watch and I hope you take the time to be inspired too.

Be sure to LIKE their (artists/owners) YouTube videos because I know how hard it is to do a really GOOD video and then offer it up to the internet world for feedback.  It’s scary, especially if it is not well received.   Are we not ALL craftsman?  So we should support and encourage each other, especially the good ones!  Right?  Right!

So enjoy the videos and please tell me if they inspire you like they did me.  I will upload some photos later on on the earrings that I create, so you can see how they turn out.  I’m as new to this style as you are, so we can learn it together!

Have a wonderful creative day!



A GOOD Life is lived with Kindness, Love and Laughter.  Wisdom comes by living it.



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Collective Creative Minds……….

Collective Creative Minds……….   The key word here is “collective”!

I am one of those people that has a NEED to salvage anything that looks fixable and that can be pretty much anything!  I was raised on a farm with a Father that repurposed anything he could to save money on repairs. That way of thinking was ingrained into me. Even though I have learned to say no thanks over the years, it still doesn’t seem to help the ever growing mound of crafting supplies that I keep acquiring.  I just NEED a BARN!  haha


I want to get better organized so that I become more productive with my artwork.  So I’m blogging here on how to do it.  Organize one room at a time???  Or all at once???   This are the kind of decisions that vex me!  I know it sounds simple but sometimes those simple things go right over my head!  Whenever I get started on this project (sorting) my poor home gets even more destroyed with pulling things out of boxes and sorting and rearranging!

I always said that if I EVER became Organized….. I’D BE LETHAL!!!

So any tips, hints, or solutions that you have used in your own workspace, for organizing your work area and that you want to share…. I’d be really glad to hear what all of you have done to get better organized.

And here I’m procrastinating even more,  by blogging to the world on the internet.   hahaha  I will eventually get to it!  ……      ……and now it is 2017.  LOL  :::ssigh:::

Thanks for sharing!



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Amuck Amuck Amuck…….. Inside the mind of an ADhD Artist! ;)

::sigh::  The weather here in Colorado is showing the signs of the changes that comes with Fall…. drab overcast skies, cooler temperatures, and leaves that are changing into various shades of gold.  Most of the time this is ok – but I really do need sunshine to keep my spirit up!  Yet….. this drab sky does make me feel motivated to pull out my crafting gear and start building some project to help my Muse feel useful.

So, I’m looking at a pair of wood chairs that I had rescued from the dumpster of death that comes to eat all the cast outs when someone moves out of our apartment building!  I am feeling the need to pull out my brushes and my collection of paints and brighten up the bones of my chairs!  😉

I’ll post a photo to share…… a little later.  So, check in and check them out!

KTLN  xox

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Welcome! :-)


Thank  you for stopping by my little Crafting sight!  I just started it and I hope you will find it helpful and encouraging and come back often!!!  🙂

My name is Kathleen Gilligan-Smith and I am a conceptual artist and a crafting teacher and it is my goal to  create a site where fellow crafters can post helpful information for each other, to make our crafting projects run a little smoother!!!  LOL  😉

As this little site grows, it will be great to see other crafter friends adding their views on today’s crafting trends and help pass along some of our knowledge to the next generation.

Come on back!


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